I love him Regardless

It was a cold night, the stars were not soo bright, the trees were dancing to the tune of the wind, dogs from the neighborhood were barking like they’ve seen a ghost, I was positive it was Tommy’s Mum. She was sneaky like a Fox, very dangerous woman, she gave me the creeps, it was hard to believe that she was the Mother of the man I love (Tommy). They were different in Soo many ways, tommy was soo soft like a fluffy pillow and warm, totally the complete opposite of his mother. I could say she was a witch, I disliked her but tommy didn’t know that, he couldn’t it was going to break him, he was a mamas boy. I can’t believe I fell for a mamas boy who was I kidding I couldn’t stay away, I don’t know if it was the way he made love to me or was it his beautiful smile that made my heart skip a beat anytime He smiled at me. He drives me crazy, crazy enough to keep up with shades his mum threw at me. To be honest I was a terrible cook but tommy was soo good at it, in this case he won the key to my heart through my stomach. Tommy didn’t mind cooking, washing the dishes or doing the laundry. He was perfect, he was a skinny muscular young man, his lips where arousing, his eyes the prefect shade of brown, what more could a girl ask for.

Tommy was mine, but his mum didn’t want that. She dislikes me cause I couldn’t prepare a 3 course meal for her son Soo how was I going to take care of him. She made mockery of me and spoke about me to her friends saying “she’s a dreamer if she thinks I’m going to let her marry my tommy.” Who was I kidding tommy was too caught up with his mum’s emotional black mail that he had to ask his mum before he PROPOSED . Who in the heavens does that, where we in another dimension that I wasn’t aware of or was I dreaming someone please wake me up…

I wasn’t going to give up soo easily, I love tommy regard less of what his mum thinks and I know he feels the same ❤️.

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