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Today I’m going to be talking to the ladies, cause most of us end up in some kind of funny relationships or should I call it situationships and we tend to ask our selves > why hasn’t he called ? And we get to questions like oh should I call, should I reach out to a friend of his, should I send a text, Has he forgotten about me, who am i fooling what if I’m just over reacting. 

Well ladies I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging, soo let me give you 13 reasons why he hasn’t called;

  • He was abducted my Aliens … ( I’m just messing with you 浪浪)
  • He thinks your not attracted to him or his not attracted to you. Let’s use simple terms his not into you sis 
  • He thinks your super Hot 掠 but seems like you guys are not a good match.
  • His gay but doesn’t know how to express his homosexuality.
  • You want a bad boy, or rich ass dude or looking for a guy with certain characteristics and his neither of those things. 臘‍♀️
  • Your inner man hate came running out and he couldn’t deal with it. 勞
  • You don’t have big boobs nor Ass and his looking for a 8 figure kinda babe. 
  • Was it something you said ? 來
  • He could be super shy and doesn’t know how to talk to girls ☹️
  • His playing hard to get and waiting for you to call or text him first 樂
  • He has a girl friend or is he married 
  • His hiding a super top secret and cannot doesn’t know how to tell you 
  • He realized it won’t be easy to to get into your panties as he thought 

There are soo many other reasons no doubt..the problem could be you or him, something you least expect, it could be totally unrelated who knows 路‍♀️. Why hasn’t he called ? I would love to hear from you.

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