Fulfilling your partners emotional desire

Why is understanding your partners emotional desire so important to the success of a relationship ?

How do I learn my partners emotional desire ?

Love begins at home, that’s from God to your Mum, dad and siblings. Even children have emotional desires just as adults. The emotional need for love is inevitable as exclusive. Love is a positive emotional and mental state. The problem with couples these days is the inability to understand each other’s emotional desire and that’s a fundamental problem which has been over looked. when I say emotional desire I mean Love Language. Knowing your partners love languages means there is some sort of connection and understanding in that relationship then you start to realize the little little things that holds a relationship together are the same things that can break the relationship if we don’t pay attention to those things.

The book “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman” is a book that narrates the five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love. They are:

  • Word of affirmation; little word of appreciation, no matter how small, no matter how busy you are, learn to notice your partner and appreciate them with sweet words like ‘ you look lovely this evening, thank you babe, your the best, the meal was delicious and soo on.’
  • Quality time; this is the receiving of undivided attention from your partners. Make out time for your partner from work and spend let’s say the weekends with them and by doing this your fulfilling your partners emotional desire there by uplifting the success of your relationship.
  • Receiving Gift; this sound materialistic but the whole process doesn’t lay on the gift but the emotion and thoughts behind the gift. Gifting your partner doesn’t mean every week you will be buying bag or shoes or cloths most times you can gift your partner with flowers, hand made gifts and soo much more. When you love language is receiving gifts you enjoy it when your partner gifts you every once in a while with something special and such gift Is usually cherished.
  • Act of service;this is when your partner enjoys it when you make little contributions to certain things like house chores, cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning, taking care of the kids and so On. The work doesn’t have to be on one person all the time. When your partners love language is act of service helping him/her out once in a while is really appreciate and that means your fulfilling his/her emotional
  • Physical touch;please don’t let your mind go far, physical touch isn’t all about intimacy. Most persons love it when their partners hold their hands, hug them, kiss them in the cheek, touch their hair and so on. Just touching your partner who’s love language is physical touch can lift moods and that’s a feeling of comfort.

Learning/knowing your partners emotional desire/ love language is very important cause you get to pay close attention to them and once you’ve achieved this then your satisfying your partners emotional desire. I’ve heard of cause where a couple split cause his not paying attention to her or she’s doesn’t appreciate his effort and all this is as a result of not knowing what your partners emotional desire is and how to fulfill it.. try paying close attention to people soo you can understand their emotional desires and know how to go about treating them. Most elements of the love language can also be applied to friendships too, soo you can get to understand and know your friends better.

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