It’s not okay to abuse a child, it demoralizing, the the marks will fade but the pain will not go away. The other day, I can accross a little girl who Stays with her uncle because her parents don’t have enough financial support to take care of her, so she was sent to stay with her uncle soo she can go to school and make a living coupled with this she works as a house girl, she cleans, cooks and even babysits as a way to appreciate the gesture.

You know in situations like this there is always a black sheep, no matter how good the child there is always a comma it’s either they say she steals or she’s lazy or too dirty you know all these things. But in this case the girl seemed okay to me. What happened was her aunty accused her of stealing her babies milk ( that she use to lick it ) it just didn’t add up… long story short the uncle flogged her with electric cable with out giving her an opportunity to explain her self. Yes you want to discipline her but you don’t need to make marks on her skin soo it will attract the attention of people. These days there are various ways to discipline a child.

I pray that we never end up in a situation where we have to give out our children cause we cannot take care of them. Please say a loud amen ..

Key facts to child maltreatment:

  • Consequences of child maltreatment include impaired lifelong physical and mental health, and the social and occupational outcomes can ultimately slow a country’s economic and social development.
  • A child who is abused is more likely to abuse others as an adult so that violence is passed down from one generation to the next. It is therefore critical to break this cycle of violence, and in so doing create positive multi-generational impacts.
  • Preventing child maltreatment before it starts is possible and requires a multisectoral approach.
  • Effective prevention approaches include supporting parents and teaching positive parenting skills, and enhancing laws to prohibit violent punishment.
  • Ongoing care of children and families can reduce the risk of maltreatment reoccurring and can minimize its consequences.

Sometimes abuse is intentional, but not always. If parents or caregivers are no longer able to cope with caring for the child, this can result in dysfunctional behaviour and abuse. Let’s be guided today, children are human beings tooo they don’t deceive what’s coming to them most of the time.

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