Culture exemplifying creativity

Culture is a major example of creativity, various cultures have different cultural styles like the way they dress, food, dance, language and way of life.

Exemplifying means the typical example of something. Creativity is rooted in all cultures. Basically we have two types of culture:

First is the material caultures which includes physical things created by the Society. Is that an act of creativity or what?
Second is the non-material which are intangible things, This is the part of culture that cannot be seen nor touched like language, beliefs, Norms and values.

Culture exemplifying creativity has helped in so many way like, setting individuals to the right skills and mindsets, empowering them to be more responsible and do more.

We can proudly say this is so because of our non-material culture that is norms, values and beliefs.

Because of our cultural difference, we see things differently and deal with uncertainties. Hence we now understand and live with uncertainties because they help us to adjust our mind set and allow the flow of the unknown.

Thanks to our cultural differences we have different creative attributes within us, we now understand our differences, and can bear living together.
Now we see persons of totally different cultures living together all thanks to creativity, so we are able to adjust our mindsets to understand our Various cultural beliefs.

We can now break out of expected patterns in order to look at things in different ways all thanks to creativity. I hope you enjoyed this, don’t forget to subscribe and share ❤️.

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