Hey guys, so with this whole pandemic and all lots of us have being able to maintain our inner calmness while some of us haven’t.

I want to talk about movies 😁, movies movies movies. Did you know that movies often times are prescribed by therapist, it’s know as cinema therapy.

Cinema therapy is the use of movies to manage medical, mental health and life management. Most times it’s advisable to select movies that reflect your current situations like movies that’s are inspirational etc.

Movies help people to connect and access their emotion and it can also help you to learn about your self. There is more to movies than just an image or people walking around and doing various things on TV. In every movie there is a story and a lesson to be learnt.

Did you know that movies can help you focus, they are examples of showing sentiments through images and through characters because they encourage emotional libration, that’s why after watching certain types of movies your either laughing or crying. Releasing ones emotion helps in making a person feel more comfortable in expressing their emotions.

How exactly can movies help to express ones emotions ? 🤔

  • First of movies are great sources of stress relief
  • They build memories especially when watching with family and friends. It’s a good source of carefree laughter and bonding time. Why do you think couples go on movie dates 😏 or just relax at home watching movies.
  • Movies also act as sources of encouragement. A source of inspiration to our daily life’s

The best part about movies is having a good source to watch and download them from if you don’t want to go to the cinema, these days people prefer to sit home, relax and watch movies all day whether funny, inspirational or romantic.

I do know a lovely recommended site where you can download various kinds of movies with no stress, no redirecting, download with ease the movies are specially picked just for you.

You can also link to their Instagram @ Ephyz universe

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