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Why are you talking about Misconceptions May?

Misconceptions are one of the major sources of discouragement, it’s a contradictory belief that we all have concerning stuff. Usually originated from personal experiences or lack of knowledge/ facts.

I know a man who believes that everything has to be the way he wants it to be, he would tell me You’re not wise just because You don’t do things the way he does them. (Wrong Misconceptions)

He would say, you cannot cook cause you don’t use enough protein or you are not wise because you don’t know how to do business. Or you are very lazy because you grew up in the city and not in your home now. I’ve also heard people say, you can’t be successful if you are not a lawyer, doctor, or Engineer. They say ( if you don’t study a professional course )

All these to me are totally wrong Misconceptions, these are beliefs that are contradicting people’s way of life.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all entitled to our beliefs and way of life but do you think it’s okay to want to impose your belief on someone?

The world is now evolving, what may be of great value to you may be a misconception to someone else, how about you start correcting the misconceptions and evolve…

One man’s belief is another man’s misconception

And you, yes you

Do what makes you happy and not cause someone is imposing their beliefs on you.


Have a nice day, see you soon

Cheers 🙂

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