By Madu ikenna .B.

If there is one thing people are scared of in life is change.

Humans tend to be scared of the unknown, or what is next or the next step in life. They ask questions as to how they would cope or how comfortable they would be. If there is one thing I know is; people have to evolve into a better form of themselves.

Right from childhood change has been present, from the way we grow to the way we think and even the point of how we behave amongst our peers. Even in cartoons, we see the change and evolution. Eg pokemon when pokemon creatures evolve to a more powerful form of themselves.

In order for one to evolve or change for the better, you have to leave your comfort zones. Then comes the question of how do I leave my comfort zone…for me I feel your comfort zone is that thing that makes you give excuses and hinders you from developing.

Change is all about risk-taking as well as life itself. The question is, Do you run from the risks or do you learn to manage them? My advice to people today is; Take on the challenge of change and evolution, you can never grow unless you make changes or take life-changing decisions. Life is basically a lesson it teaches you daily and change is part of that lesson. Take the step of evolution to be a better version of yourself.

A lot of people also seek personal change, maybe it’s a habit or a way of life, etc. They presume that change happens overnight, well No, you can’t just wake up in the morning and say you want to change this and that and expect it to happen. It takes time, process, and a lot of devotion to achieve your goal.

Well here is a tip for those struggling with change. If you ever want to change anything in your life make it a goal and commit to it. This may sound common but if it means a lot to you then put in the effort.


Thank you guys so much for reading… see you soon


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