Broke Girls Feeling Funky

That’s how we decided to dress up and head out one beautiful Saturday morning. This is a story of myself and my 3 friends and I will be using numbers as their names. #friend 1, 2 & 3

It was a day in July 2019, few days to grad and we just wanted chills, so we decided to go to a famous pizza and ice-cream hangout to ease our stress.

Initially, the plan was to relax then head back to school after freezing our brains with ice-cream but plans changed when friend 1 ( that’s the craziest on amongst us ) suggested we go somewhere we haven’t been just for fun and she said “what are we rushing back to school for, Omo let’s go and chill abeg ”

Before we left, friend 2 caught the eyes of a gentleman so we where teasing her and stuffs but little did we know that he followed us to our next destination…. #Hold on I’m getting there.

On our way to the next location, we took a private cab so we could get there fast with no stress. Getting there was peaceful and personally, I liked stuffs like this ( hanging out with the girls) and it was my first time there.

We got there, took some pictures and friend 2 left us to go and chill with the guy she met earlier. Leaving me with #Friend 1 & 3

Now this journey we embarked on required cash, lots of it and we where broke as girls feeling funky as at that time. Imagine 4 ladies going on a financial adventure without any Money.

We grabbed a sit and glanced at the heavenly prices on the menu and decided to contribute money to get the cheapest thing on the menu. Friend 3 said she wasn’t interested saying she was okay with just water. But the truth was she spent her last cash buying pizza for her….

Myself and friend 1 decided to get a glass of juice and chips, while friend 3 get herself a bottle of water. While we were sipping our juice and crunching our chips, the next thing we heard was “ Can I have some” said Friend 3

And my next action was to laugh, I laughed soo hard that it drew soo much attention to us, people where staring, someone would have concluded that I was high on the fruit juice and chips and I couldn’t stop. What made me laugh the more was when friend 1 said No she couldn’t have some. And she was like, “Nooo, you cannot have some, when you where busy buying pizza for you boyfriend”

I could see Friend 3 was embarrassed but I just couldn’t hold back my laughter. I laughed till I almost chocked.

I can’t remember the full details of the aftermath but I do remember that we got back to school late.


Friends and drama… I hope you enjoyed my not so structured personal experience. #Broke girls feeling funky

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Have a lovely weekend…

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