5 Things i love about Christmas

Holla el lo bello ( hello beautiful)

How are we doing today, it’s another week with another BLOGMAS creative count down post.

5 things I love about Christmas. What do you love about Christmas ?. Don’t hesitate Hallat me at the comment section bellow and if you haven’t subscribed or followed my blog then do so today. Welcome once more and thank you joining me.

5 things I love about Christmas

Christmas, the best season of the year and the most joyful. To be honest we’ve never had a Christmas tree but we decorate and decorating during the festive period is really fun

Here are 5 things I love about Christmas

  • Christmas food ( I love to see when the table is set with various delicacies… my best part is getting to eat them 😁 and make them as well. I dunno if anyone is more of a foodie than I am when it comes to the Festive season )
  • The beautiful songs and movies ( it’s true what they say, music gives you piece of mind. Listening to Christmas cheers/ carols and vibing to them is one of my best part Christmas) what’s your best Christmas song ? Also watching incredible and hilarious movies all night long
  • Shopping: buying and receiving gifts( there is this custom must families have during the festive season where they get new cloths and shoes just for the festive season. Getting pretty dresses and shoes for Christmas service, party and cocktails
  • Going to see Santa ( although I’m too old to sit on Santa’s lap but watching other kids talk to Santa and take pictures with him is enough joy for me )
  • Spending time with the people you love…get to spend time with your loved ones and doing the stuffs you love is gold. And before I forget I love to see the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations

Hope you also have things you enjoy during the festive period ?

Thanks for reading, have a nice day. Can’t wait to see you at tomorrow’s BLOGMAS episode.


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