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French Toast ( deliciousness)

Hi there, welcome to and back to May’s world and I’m diving in to the world of food. I don’t think anyone likes French toast more than I do 🙂

I strongly believe French toast is way better for breakfast, especially weekend breakfast. But it can be eaten at anytime of day as long as it pleases you.

Fun Fact: I also thought French toast was originated in France, but guess what, it wasn’t.

Although in France, French toast is called pain Perdu ( lost bread). So the popular French toast is a Roman recipe.

How to make simple French toast for a weekend of yummy deliciousness.


  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Flavor ( vanilla, strawberry etc )
  • Cinnamon ( optional)
  • Powder sugar
  • Fresh fruits ( berries, banana, apple, orange etc )
  • Oil or butter ( your choice)
  • And a clean pan

Procedures I use

  • Whisk Ingredients together in a medium size bowl and amount/ measuring of your choice.
  • preheat oil or butter in a clean pan.
  • Deep bread in whisked ingredients ( preferably rich thick bread )
  • Then place on pan to fry until golden brown, repeat on both sides,
  • Top and serve with syrup and fresh fruits of your choice… preferably served Warm

It’s also possible to top up your French toast with nuts, sausage, shredded coconut, chocolate etc

Other tips

  • Don’t let your bread over soak, so it wouldn’t turn out soggy.
  • Ensure to whisk all ingredients until smooth especially the eggs and the milk ( if using powdered milk)
  • Fry on low or medium high heat

Note: French toast can be made ahead of time or over night and will be okay for consumption if stored properly.

Isn’t this a yummy deliciousness…

Hope you enjoyed my little recipe for French toast.


While writing this post, I could perceive the sweetness of my weekend Yummy deliciousness..

What’s your favourite weekend yummy deliciousness ?

See you soon guys …. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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