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Confidence is an important thing that human being should have in it’s shoulders to be ready to experience life’s experiences. Confidence comes from …



1– Believe in your ability to improve

Which means trusting yourself, trusting your dreams, and believing that you can do you can get it cause you are enough and strong.

2- Accept failure

Personally, I faced a lot of failures this year, it was so difficult cause it was the first time that I faced it. But I got it and I accepted it and I also learned that sometimes adversity is that light in that dark place.

3- Know your Worth 

It’s so important to know your worth/ yourself. Know who you are, discover what you want, what is your qualities what is your imperfections….. Discover Who you really are.

4- Vanish comparison from your life 

That is an important point to improve your self-esteem. Stop comparing yourself to others you are who you are Period. Everybody is born different and special. So do the impossible to discover that treasure.

5- Dress nicely

That tip could sound superficial or stupid but guarantee that it works. Get yourself clean, put on nice cute clothes that you are comfy in, and start your day, see how brighter gonna be. It is so simple but it makes a big difference.


There is nothing more important than wearing your confidence on your shoulders with your head held high…

Also to chip in a little something something, it’s important to note that with confidence comes self-love, you need to love yourself enough to be confident enough…

Hope you enjoyed today’s post

Thanks so much for reading

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