Hey guys it’s a new day, a new month and we thank God for our life’s, for seeing us through out the month of August. To check out last months scriptural passages and prayer points please don’t hesitate to click the link August

Happy new month and welcome to a month of success. This month, I urge you to focus and refocus on your energies in all Your endeavors. This month symbolizes a month of hope, devotion, power and love. I would be laying down a few scriptural passages and prayer points to guide you for the month of September.


  • Psalm 34
  • II chronicles 26
  • II Samuel 23
  • Romans 13
  • Psalm 149


  • Let’s thank the lord almighty for this new month
  • Thank God for our life’s. Many are not alive to witness this day but by his grace and mercies we are alive today to witness the new month
  • Ask Him to give you the zeal to focus and refocus on our endeavors
  • Pray for clear advancement for the month of September
  • Pray for your country and the world as a whole and ask for His supreme mercies and protections over us
  • Pray that God will guide and protect you, your families and friends.

Thank you for joining me today as we thank God for the new month. Don’t forget to like my post and share with Loved ones. Cheers 壟

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