Myths about relationships

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So we all know that relationship talk is kinda like the in thing now, with different ideology and so on. Today, I would like to talk about various myths about relationships that are not actually true ( some of them tho).

So when I’m talking about relationships, I mean relationship relationship (LOL).

Myths about relationships

1. Being in a relationship means you can read your partners mind: I know reading minds is one of the supernatural powers a lot of us will like to have. I would also want to read minds, but I am no psychic. you may know one another’s likes and dislikes. But you cannot expect to understand how the other person is feeling, the reason they feel that way, or what they might need you to do about it. Now that’s where communication comes in.

Being in a relationship means there has to be a level of communication between the couple, it’s not about reading minds but communication and understanding each other.

2. Sex is what makes a relationship good and last: I’ve heard this a thousand times, and it’s totally ridiculous. this myth ain’t true, you can actually be in a healthy relationship without sex. What’s the main issue is In our society today is ideology. We need to re-evaluate our ideologies when it comes to relationships and sex.

3. A great relationship is flawless and super easy: nothing is actually great and easy. What makes a relationship great is it’s imperfection because nothing is prefect. it requires effort and patience.

4. The easiest way to save a relationship is to get married or have a baby: this myth is not true, even marriages go through trauma. Marriage is a very important decision and a lot of people go into it thinking it’s the solution to their problems but that the twist, it doesn’t solve relationship problems.

When it comes to having babies and marriage, it requires significant steps and needs careful consideration and planning. And should not be used as a means to save a relationship.

5. All that is required in a relationship is love: oftentimes, we tend to believe that a relationship is only based on love. As long as you love each other nothing else matters. To be in a healthy relationship there has to be respect, energy, understanding, you name it.

Love is not enough, it entails a lot. But I can say love and happiness is a major.


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