Just talks

Hey guys, how y’a doin

TGIF and I’m glad it’s the weekend already…

So, today I’m just going to have a brief conversation with you guys. I wonder what it’s about 路‍♀️

Yesterday I realized how much I loved dogs and how funny they can be. Turns out my neighbors have these two cute short and hairy dogs, a male his name is T-dog and Female her name is SnowWhite.

Snow White just put to bed, congrats to her. A mother of 6 puppies but one recently died ( sad)

I never really realized how cute dogs can be and how much they love to play… ( i really want a dog, but I can’t get one cause my mum isn’t really an animal person) but should I still get one ?

I love to play with T-dog and Snowhite, turns out they love massages a lot. I’m about to open a dog spa if care isn’t taken.

I usually take my time, massage their legs, scratch their heads and feed them once in a while.

I really wouldn’t want to bore you guys with my endless dog talk.

So, now I would love to use this means to check up on you guys.. I hope you’re all doing great… and I would like to remind you that creativemay is available if you need someone to talk to, just hit me up with any of the contact forum @ the menu tab.

Without further ado, this is where I take my leave. Love you guys and see you soon


Quick question: would you rather have a cat than a dog and if so, why ?

Cheers 壟

Princess Onyeario

A life Analyst, scribbler, and passionate volunteer.

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  1. First of all,it seems that just when I think you can’t get more amazing,you surprise me:)❤.
    At least she didn’t lose all of her pups.
    So sweet of you to write this. Yes,I’m great. And yourself?
    I would rather have a dog. I really don’t like cats. No offends cat lovers…

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