Hey guys welcome to the another session on the creative may, today we will be looking into something known as the imposter syndrome

First of, before we go into the main business of the day I would like to reach out to my readers going through any of the symptoms/ characteristics of the imposter syndrome Who would like to talk to someone or share an experience or in need of a listening ear should not hesitate to contact the creative may  @[email protected] Now let’s begin 

Imposter syndrome also know as fraud syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where by people believe their accomplishment is just mere luck and not their hard work or effort. it’s a feeling of self doubt and unworthy-ness which is accompanied with anxiety and depression ( looking down at ones self and having the feeling of major doubt). However such individual lives in fear that he/she is a fraud or an imposter living with a secret.

Imposter syndrome is described as a psychological pattern and not a disorder and that’s cause it is not fully recognized by the DSM “the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorder.” This most commonly happens to students and persons starting a new or more challenging business.

The syndrome was first described in the 70’s as an internal struggle by Dr Pauline R. Clance and Dr suzzanne A. Imes. Its a universal mental issues faced by both men and women all over the world.

Some characteristics includes; Self doubt, sabotage of self success, perfectionist tendencies, low self esteem, fear of failure as well as fear of success, fear of judgement and discovery etc. How ever, the characteristics differ amongst persons.

Please note that cause you doubt your abilities does not necessarily mean you are suffering from the imposter syndrome. Most time your just really out of your depth and it’s adviaceble to seek help from a therapist or a friend.

Tips to over come imposter syndrome.

• Talk kindly about your self, counter negative talk with positive ones. • Acknowledge your accomplishments and give your self credit for your work. Visualize your success. • Reach out to someone a therapist, psychologist or a friend that’s willing to help. • stop comparing your self, understand your strengths and weaknesses. • Accept honest failures as a part of life.

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