How would you describe maturity & growth in this current Era

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Hello beautiful people, welcome back & to creative may..

Today’s post was people inspired and also out of curiosity as well… What do you think / how would you describe maturity & growth from a personal level.

Thoughts /opinions on the topic of today.

Well, considering I’m only sixteen, I’m still developing my perspectives on growth and maturity. For now it’s knowing how to carefully navigate and deal with situations and adapting to change (whether good or bad), knowing how to react to certain situations and people (or their actions).

It’s knowing when to be serious and when to joke around, when to react and when to remain silent.

Maturity usually depends on and surfaces in certain scenarios and the actions we take towards them.

Growing, on the other hand to me right now is developing in every aspect of your life, be it attitude, character, work ethic, how responsibilities and changes are handled, and again, knowing how to react to certain situations and people (or their actions) and adapt to change.

They really do go hand in hand.

Bessie Ugochi Anyanwu

Maturity, to me, has nothing to do with how old you are. maturity is using past experiences to prevent yourself from making a mistake twice. Maturity is knowing that not every battle is worth fighting, knowing when to ignore a situation and when to take a stand. Maturity is knowing that sometimes letting others win, is a win in itself. Maturity is knowing when to be empathetic and when to be self centered, but most importantly, Maturity is knowing that admitting you were wrong and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it means you’re smart enough to realise that asking for help and learning new things is the only way to keep growing because you never stop learning. Some people might not agree to my definitions and that is alright but to me, this is what maturity means.

Jasmine Nnabue

Its life itself… How you hand responsibilities, Relationship, family, business, Education. It’s how you give your fear and handle it, Is a determinant of far you will go

Bolaji Tope

Personally i would describe maturity as the ability to make judgement based on facts rather than emotions and other social factors. growth on the other hand is when you make conscious efforts to be better.

Togor Victor

From a personal perspective, decision making is a factor of maturity. Once you know what exactly you want in life, you can make good choices. Life cannot move forward if you keep making bad decisions and neglecting mistakes.

While in school, my principal then always says “ life is about choices and if you don’t make good decisions then you need to take some time and reflect ”

Maturity & growth has to do with decision making as its primary factor. It also includes others factors like planning, spiritual, mental and psychological growth, skills such as perseverance and motivation, effective communication and relationships.

Lawani Anthony

Change in the way and manner in which the individual reasons

Ephraim. Edeh

In my opinion, we all have various definitions of life, values, maturity and growth. Yes I agree that growth and maturity is way beyond age, height, weight or race.

I’ve heard stuffs like the older you get the wiser you become but I don’t feel it applies to every individual, no offense but I’ve seen individuals who are getting older but also get dumber, but that doesn’t mean he/she will not evolve, ( it’s maturity at a different pace). This is just my personal perspective.

Personally, I believe Maturity is natural, because everyone matures eventually, Although some persons get more mature before others….

I believe every stage in ones life is all about growth, taking risks, learning, evolving. It’s all growth to me

I can simply say I’ve grown soo much cause I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m actually really happy with the way I go about certain things and situations..

growth is a stage of life, going to school and graduating is growth, going to university is growth every life changing decisions we make is growth, when you’ve being able to make those life changing decisions whether on your own or not is maturity


I hope you really enjoyed today’s post, looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on this topic…

See you soon, au revoir 

Cheers 壟

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